About Kent Wessinger, PhD.

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Kent's entrepreneurial experience started young.  Having started a office cleaning business in high school with a fellow classmate, he put himself through business school at Kennesaw State University by founding and leading the Lithia Computer Academy.  After graduating, he sold the business and relocated to Jamaica to become the Managing Director of the Institute of the Caribbean.  Kent is currently the founder and CEO of the create2elevate research lab and an M.B.A. entrepreneurship faculty member at Galen University in Belize.  He has a PhD. from Prescott College in Sustainability Education with a research emphasis in economic sustainability within structures suffering from migration; a Master of Arts in Practical Theology from Regent University; and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Kennesaw State University. 


Kent places a high priority on understanding and creating paths of sustainable growth for corporate, organizational, and government structures. Recognizing that growth can be squandered or fortified; he believes that every organization has the opportunity to reduce crisis and secure growth when employees or residents are provided with environments to develop and implement innovative ideas of value.


Kent's unique path of life has provided him with extraordinary experiences, significant relationships around the world, and a broad perspective of life. Having lived in the rural mountains of Jamaica, next to the sea on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, and on the south shore of St John, U.S. Virgin Islands; his life has been shaped through deep relationships in cultures beyond his upbringing in Atlanta, Georgia. Recognizing the value that perspectives from other cultures have added to his life, he has also had the privilege of spending significant time in Belize, South Africa, Fiji, Costa Rica, and an Arawak Indian village in the Amazon Basin of southern Guyana. Each piece of Kent’s unique journey has collectively grown him as an author, keynote speaker, educator, and entrepreneur.





Paradise Restored, c2e press: Athens, Ga.


Bridges over Ladders: Create a future with millennials, OR millennials will create a future for you. c2e press: Athens, Ga. 


The relationship between socioeconomic crisis and creative practice in the Caribbean: A path to sustainable growth. Routledge: London, UK. 








P.O. Box 49405, Athens, Ga 30604

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