Growth & Profit w/ Millennials

Secure growth & fortify profit with millennial employees, members, & customers

What is create2elevate research lab?

Dr. Kent Wessinger founded the create2elevate research lab with one objective; extract relevant data to create growth and elevate profit with your millennial employees, members, and customers.  Dr. Wessinger developed a comprehensive research tool that equips leaders with accurate realties to create a future of growth with millennials.  Having over 30k participants in the project; organizations from all sectors 

have implemented the outcomes of the research.  A Fortune 100 financial institution, a global engineering firm, Boards of Education, civic organizations, houses of worship, tech companies, and divisions of national governments are currently securing growth with millennial employees and cusomters from Dr. Wessinger's research project. .  


Are you struggling to be relevant

to your millennial customer base? 



As a keynote speaker, Dr. Wessinger utilizes the outcomes of his global research project on millennials to equip leaders with a ....





Due to his teaching commitments and dedication to the research project, Dr. Wessinger only accepts two keynotes per month.  To book a keynote, email


As a consultant, Dr. Wessinger will help you improve millennial retention rates, become a company where top millennial talent seeks to work, and develop an environment where your employees are collectively generating, presenting, and implementing innovative ideas that are perfectly aligned with your company’s core values. 


2 ways you help yourself secure growth & fortify profit w/millennials

SURVEYS: The 1-minute SURVEYS are the lifeline to your success with millennials.  When you, your employees, customers, or members take the surveys, the more relevant the data we are able to bring you.  




BOOKS: The proceeds from the books fund the project. The books reveal a path of growth & profit from the research project.  They are written to be an easy one-hour read with relevant analogies and case studies. Leverage your position and purchase books for your employees, members, and customers.  

Paradise Restored.png

With our always changing world, and the rise of the millennials, Kent gave me great ideas and insights on how to stay ahead of the curve and not be content to continue "doing it the way it has always been done".


Aaron Strimban, Partner – Tidwell-Strimban

New Release

Paradise Restored takes readers on a journey through the current generational gap. In any developing economy, it is vital to retain your millennial resources. Currently, millennials are the largest sect of the population. Dr Kent J. Wessinger’s experience and evidence-backed research helps you navigate the confounding path to restoring your organization to its height and beyond.


The book gives you the real reason why retaining millennials is important and more importantly, how to do it. Its raw honesty is complimented by the real0life stories Kent Wessinger vividly paints and the evidence-back data he provides.

After living in the Caribbean for over 20 years, he has in-depth knowledge of the region, which has one of the highest migratory rates in the world. From his research, he determined the cause and applied it to different demographics.

The restoration of paradise comes from the idea that all businesses are inherently innovative, we just need to find a way to reclaim its stature. The lush greenery that adorns the cover is symbolic of abundance, wishing the reader prosperity.





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